Serena Producciones · Liturgia de un asesinato




Show: Liturgia de un asesinato

Discipline: Theatre

Spain 1968.

The Civil Governor of Guadalajara appears hanged from the ceiling on a farm on the outskirts of the city. Everything at a glance indicates it has been a suicide. His three children had been summoned to this place a few days ago by the governor himself.

At the police station, inspector Requejo finds evidence that the Governor was murdered and the children become the prime suspects in the death of Juan Paterna, who held in life different positions of political responsibility that had placed him too close to Franco’s power circles.

  • Direction: Antonio C. Guijosa
  • Text: Verónica Fernández
  • Casting: Mon Ceballos, Marian Arahuetes, Fael García and Rodrigo Sáenz de Heredia 
  • Set Design: Mariona Julbe
  • Costume Design: Mónica Teijeiro
  • Light Design: Daniel Checa
  • Sound: Mar Navarro
  • Piano and arrangements: Miguel Huertas