Nada Tras la Puerta

Nada Tras la Puerta,  co-produced by Traspasos Kultur and CDN (National Drama Centre) will be released on September 20th at Teatro Valle-Inclán in Madrid. It will run until 20th October 2013.

Nada Tras la Puerta is a work in which several stories intervene. Juan Cavestany creates a text for Europe in which three characters try to maintain their privileged position, defending and storing all their past. Nevertheless they know something is coming, something is going on, but they don’t want to see it. Borja Ortiz de Gondra, Laila Ripoll, Yolanda Pallín and José Manuel Mora, open other doors to talk about the cycles of hatred, racism, sexual violence, with the figure of the woman as the central axis. Cycles starting, perpetuating and only rarely, are interrupted, as what has happened to Europe in a few years that seems to have lost the privileges treasured for centuries.

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