La Maquiné · The Houseboat




  • National Distribution: La Maquiné
  • Internacional Distribution: Inés Gutiérrez Arciniega (ImpulsARTS)


Show: The Houseboat

Discipline: Family Theatre


· Recommended by Spanish National Theatres and Auditorium net

THE HOUSEBOAT (LA CASA FLOTANTE) is an outpouring of simplicity, agility, beauty and dreaming that tells the story of Noah, a girl who has never seen the rain and whose chief wish is to be able to see a rainbow, but where she lives it has stopped raining. One day, Noah saves a fish from been hooked, and the fish out of thanks warns her of the coming of a great deluge that will flood everything. Noah makes a boat out of her house and calls upon all the animals to come and save themselves. However, when she counts them up she realises that not all the animals are there: the flea, the elephant and the kangaroo are missing… Noah decides to go and look for them.

But… how will she find all the animals? what if one is forgotten? will she know how to feed them? Will they all get along together?

  • Authors: Joaquín Casanova and Elisa Ramos
  • Music: Xavier Montsalvatge and Claude Debussy
  • Direction, Scenic Space, Light and Projection Design: Joaquín Casanova
  • Musical Arrangements: José López Montes
  • Realization of scenery: Cristian Malo and Joaquín Casanova
  • Puppets and wardrobe: Elisa Ramos and Joaquín Casanova
  • Costume: Capi Vallecitas and Elisa Ramos


  • Pianist: José López Montes
  • Noah: Elisa Ramos
  • Narrator: Lola Martín
  • Puppeteer: Elisa Ramos, Ana Puerta and José Rodríguez


  • Gran Teatre Liceu de Barcelona
  • Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada
  • La Maquiné

National Distribution: La Maquiné

National Distribution: Inés Gutiérrez Arciniega (ImpulsARTS)