La Maquiné · The Forest of Grimm




  • National Distribution: La Maquiné
  • Internacional Distribution: Inés Gutiérrez Arciniega (ImpulsARTS)


Show: The Forest of Grimm (El Bosque de Grimm) 

Discipline: Family Theatre


· MAX Award 2014 to the Best Show for Children

· Recommended by Spanish National Theatres and Auditorium net

· Theatre Play for Young Audiences Prize · First Edition of Theatre Prizes in Andalucia · SGAE 2013

THE FOREST OF GRIMM (EL BOSQUE DE GRIMM) is a show without words, a staged album of eye-catching images inspired by the well-known stories: Tom Thumb, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood and Sleeping Beauty. An experience that takes place through music, puppets, objects and projections in a visual stage show for all ages that will lead us through multiple landscapes and emotions. A work to put to test what we remember of the timeless tales.

  • Creation: Joaquín Casanova and Elisa Ramos
  • Direction: Joaquín Casanova
  • Music: Maurice Ravel
  • Musical arrangement and other compositions: José López Montes
  • Performers: Elisa Ramos y Maite Campos
  • Set, Light and Projection Design: Joaquín Casanova
  • Puppets and Costume Design: Elisa Ramos
  • Artwork and Video: Joaquín Casanova
  • Production: La Maquiné