Diego Giner Arciniega




Discipline: Photography


Photographer born in Soria in 1989. After studying photography in Valencia, he moved to Madrid to continue training as an Expert Technician in Image and Sound. From an early age he stood out for their artistic qualities in the field of photography.

With just twenty years, two photographs from his series Paisajes (Landscapes) were selected by AGFOVAL (Valencian Photographic Association) and exposed together with the work of two other young photographers of his generation. For five years he collaborates with ABADFOTOGRAFÍA covering among other events Valencia Fashion Week.

He has also conducted work in the performing arts sector for the well-known dance company Aracaladanza. One of his latest photographic series is Priorato: Denominación de Origen, a trip through the rugged landscape of this Spanish region that allows the production of the famous wines from Priorato.


Web: http://dginerarciniega.wix.com/diegoginer