Alma Viva Teatro · Night Just Before The Forests




Show: Night Just Before The Forests

Discipline: Theatre

NIGHT JUST BEFORE THE FORESTS desperate monologue written by French author Bernard-Marie Koltès between 1976 and 1977, was firstly staged in 1977 at the Avignon Off Festival. An almost indecipherable hermetic text that sounds poetic at the same time, taking the viewer to a personal universe: an alienated prostituted every day. Koltés introduces a man – a foreigner that might just be every man – adrift in such reality, who holds back people in a dark street where everything seems to get confused. Confused himself, he tries to express all the ideas that assault him to that “you” he has been looking at, turning around the corner. He might be telling his idea to a person… or all people.

  • Performer: José Gonçalo Pais
  • Director: César Barló
  • Set design: Jacobo García
  • Costume design: Juan Antonio Bello
  • Light design: César Barló
  • Sound: AlmaViva Teatro
  • Production: AlmaViva Teatro
  • Photography: Noemí Sánchez
  • Communication: Elena López
  • Translation: Sergi Belbel