About us


ImpulsARTS is an initiative born from the belief that the responsible and sustainable management of the arts is not only possible but also necessary.

ImpulsARTS rests on three pillars that we consider essential: talent, image and networking with other agents.

ImpulsARTS comes as a mediator between artists, enterprises and audiences. We listen creative proposals from artists. We offer innovative cultural projects to enterprises as a means of channelling their brand image and corporate social responsibility. And we listen to the audience in order to develop artistic projects that meet their expectations.

ImpulsARTS is committed to teamwork as an indispensable means in our pursuit of excellence. With flexible and multidisciplinary teams of collaborators and backed by extensive experience and career in the cultural sector is how we make possible the ideas.

MISSION: Collaborate in the development of a responsible and sustainable cultural sector, providing efficient organizational methodologies and contributing to the internationalization of artists and cultural projects.

VISION: Being a model in responsible and sustainable strategy in the field of arts and culture both inside and outside our borders.